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Where have you been?

It is ages that we heard from you? If that is what you are thinking then you are 100 % correct. But we are still here alive & kicking. And never stopped working on The-Strangle and we also added new trades from time to time. But then why the silence?

The answer is very simple - the Crash and the Recovery.

When the stock market tanked in March the volatility skyrocket and when Vola goes up the premium on options get sky high. So even if we pick a great stock and decide for a strangle AND the stock makes big moves -> we still can end up losing money because we paid way to high premium when we opened the strangle.

We tried anyway but we got a bloddy nose. There are 3 strangles which we opened end of March - they are on SLV, BAC and AMD and so far they are all losers. We knew it was wrong to invest when the VIX is above 40 or even worse if it is above 60 but we tried anyway.

Looking forward

But times are changing. The VIX now is nearly back to normal waters and we are back to open new strangles. New positions which we opened are on HSBC (a former winner), TWTR (let's see what Trump is planning with them), BA (Boeing might fly again or crater) and the S&P500 (SPY has to go to new highs or retest the March lows).

Looking backward - 9 months 2.700 % Profit

The-Strangle.com now exists for nearly nine months. Mid August last year we opened our first strangle with AMD (what a great start that was with 101% profit). So far we have closed 59 trades with an average profit of 45% per trade. That means if you would have invested approx. 2.000 $ in each trade -> on average you made 900$ per trade before commissions and of course taxes. That would have added up to 56.000$ without any stress. No sleepless nights because of the crash.

Looking forward again - can we deliver?

So what about the future? Can we repeat this success? We have no idea. Options are risky, you can and will lose money as not every trade will be a winner. You might even lose 100% on a single trade (we did too). And in the worst case you can lose ALL your invested money on all trades.

BUT (and this is a big but) 59 trades over the span of 9 months with an average profit of 45% - that's at least a sign that we might not only been lucky but also knew a little bit what we were doing. Will we know in the future? No idea, let's see. Bookmark our result and portfolio pages and check them regularly. And maybe one day you decide to subscribe. For now our service is free. So enjoy.

Never forget: Read our risk disclaimer.

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